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Reseller Hosting Packages


Web hosting has undergone massive developments and advancements, over the past few years. Now, you can find available a unique blend of web hosting solutions depending upon your particular needs and business requirements. There are also various types and formats of web hosting solutions available. Among all of these, reseller hosting still heads the list. Reseller hosting is a special type of web hosting, in which you buy hosting space to be sold to others. You can find various types of reseller hosting packages.  

In reseller hosting, you are provided with a certain amount of storage space and bandwidth. You can resell this storage space and bandwidth to your customers. In reseller hosting, storage space is divided into fixed portions. These fixed portions can be divided flexibly as per your customers' needs and requirements. Usually, the nominal size of the standard reseller hosting packages, that you as a Reseller provide to your customers is often between 25 MB to 100 MB. 

There are several benefits of reseller hosting package by Arachnonet, such as: 

  • Your customers will be getting complete access to a control panel. This control panel allows them to easily manage their hosting space. This facility is not possible when you sell space from normal hosting accounts, where the admin panel is only for your use. 
  • Your customers web hosting accounts, will be hosted on multi processor servers, with data protection provided by regular off network backups and a raid1 disc mirroring system, which keeps a copy of your data in real time. In addition to that, anti-spam and anti-virus email protection provided by our mail scanner system.   
  • Your customers will be getting prompt technical support from your hosting company. 
  • If you are a start up business or planning to start your web hosting business soon, reseller hosting is the best choice for you because it is easy and simple to handle. 

All these benefits ensure that reseller hosting is the best choice for every type and size of business. A reseller is often known as a middle-man, who sells web space on somebody else's server to his customers, through various reselling schemes. If you are looking for a company providing the best reseller hosting packages, Arachno Net is at your service. 

Arachno Net is one of the best and leading web hosting companies providing affordable reseller hosting packages. It is the one stop shop for all your web hosting needs. It offers state of the art virtual and dedicated hosting services, with a complete online support manual. For making its web hosting services more convenient and professional, it offers 24 hour online support. For more information on reseller hosting packages, hosting resellers, and reseller hosting plans, just visit www.arachnonet.com



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