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Anonymous FTP

Anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method by which  your guests can upload or download content (files) to an incoming or outgoing directory.

The Anonymous FTP  is not already installed by default

 To make use of Anonymous FTP, your users would need to use  the FTP utility included in their operating system, or use one of several  available FTP programs, such as WS-FTP or Cute FTP.

 Anonymous visitors must use your domain name as the FTP hostname, userid  of anonymous and password of guest. Your anonymous ftp site is completely  different from your web site.

After  anonymous FTP has a directory called public_ftp  in the user's home directory. This directory will by default contain the  following directories:

  • incomming/
  • The only directory that is used is the "incomming" directory. This is  where  the user should upload files . 
  • Your HTML to download a file called something.exe from a  web page would look like this:

    <A  HREF="ftp://yourdomain.com/tr/something.exe">Download Something  Now</A>

    You should tell your visitors that they may need to right-click on the  link if they are PC  users, or if they use a Macintosh, they need to hold  down the mouse button on the link, then select the appropriate option from  the Pop-up menu.
  • Note, we do not allow clients  the ability to allow users  to both upload and download to the same directory. We do this for security  reasons. The client is responsible for moving files from the incoming directory  to  the pub directory if they wish for uploaded files to be later downloaded.  .

For security the following applies:

- Only the incoming directory can be written to anonymously
- Sub-directories are not createable
- The incoming directory is not readable by people dropping files there

2. Select the Install AnonFTP button.  A message displays indicating  that Anonymous FTP will be installed within approximately ten minutes.


As the account owner, you are responsible for any and all files that  are  stored on your domain. This would include files that were uploaded  by you as well as by anonymous FTP users. With the use of anonymous  FTP,  your site is susceptible of becoming a "warez" site. Typically, these are  sites that are used by "hackers" to trade (upload/download)  illegally pirated  copies of software programs with one another. As the account owner, the  complete content of your account is your  responsibility. If your site becomes  a trading post for "warez" programs, you may face legal action that can  be taken against you by the  programmers/software companies of the copyrighted  software, in addition to your account being deleted from our servers.

Any and all FTP download transfers, anonymous FTP included, will be   used in the calculation of the total data transfer for your account. If  this total data transfer amount exceeds the limit that is set for your  plan,  you will be responsibility for any and all overage charges that occur.  Please Note: There will be NO exceptions made for these overage  charges.  It  will be your responsibility to  monitor the anonymous FTP activity for your account.  All anonymous FTP  activity can be monitored using the webalizer stats program

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