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CGI scripts are programs running on the webserver that can be used in  a webpage. CGI scripts can do many things that just are not  possible with  plain HTML. CGI Stands for "Common Gateway Interface". CGI scripts  must be saved in ASCII format and uploaded to your account in ASCII or  text format. Your  account has a cgi-bin which is a subdirectory of the  www directory, but we have configured the server to allow cgi scripts to  run in other directories as well. We do not provide Technical  Support  for CGI scripts.

Paths to Date, Mail, Perl, etc.

Setting File Permissions

Permissions can be changed from your ftp client. You can also  change your permissions by going into your Control Panel and clicking  on  File Manager and you will see the permissions setting next to each directory/file,  just click on the permission you want to set and a set of boxes will appear.

u = the file's user (you)
g = the file's group
o = others
a = the user, the group, and others
r = read access
x = execute access
w = write access

 Some scripts will tell you to chmod 755 (for example).
When using the numeric system, the code for permissions is as follows:

r = 4 w = 2 x = 1 rwx = 7

The first 7 of our chmod 755 tells Unix to  change the user's  permissions to
rxw (because r=4 + w=2 + x=1 adds up to 7. The 5 applies to the group,  and the last number 5, refers to others (4+1=5).

Remember: the first 3 apply to  user, the second 3 apply to group,  and the third 3 apply to others.


If you have Fetch for the Mac, you have an easy way to change  permissions. Go to the file you want to change the permissions on,  and  highlight it. Under the Remote menu, select Change Permissions. A window  will pop up showing the current permissions for the file you had highlighted.  Click on the boxes to change  permissions as needed.


In WS_FTP, highlight the file you want to check, and  right-click on it. A menu will pop up, then select CHMOD.

More Info

Matt's Script Archive is at http://www.worldwidemart.com/scripts/


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