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The CGI Centre from control panel click on the cgi-centre icon:

From there you will be able to to create the html code to access various scripts


The Counter option allows you to set up a hit counter on your  site, which lets you determine how many times the page on which the counter  resides has been visited.  This counter is displayed on the page and can  be viewed in various counter styles.  Additionally, you can start the  counter at any number you set, and it will count hits and add them to  that number.

Create the Counter Code

 1. From the Cgi Centre Control Panel, select the Counter icon.   The Counter Manager displays.


2. Select the various setup options of time and date format, and presentation style.

3 Click on preview to see what the counter looks like and when you are satisfied.

4 Click on make html , this will make the necessary html code, for you to insert into the page that you want to count the visits to.

Simple Cgi Wrapper

Click on the Cgi Wrapper icon to create a protected cgi directory

The result print out will be as below

SCgiWrap is now enabled!
You will need to put cgis that you want to run with your id in the directory /home/userid/public_html/scgi-bin. Once you do this they can be accessed at http://arachnonet.com/scgi-bin/

Random HTML

This is a random html generator. It picks a html string out of a list and inserts it in an SSI enabled web page. This is useful for "Quote of the Moment", and other similar things

Click on the Random html icon to enter several random html strings , one per line into the form, after having done this you will be given the generated SSI tag to insert into you shtml file, it will be similar to the following:

 <!--#exec cmd="/usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/randhtml.cgi username"-->

Each time this .shtml file is accessed a different html string will be output at the above tag location on your page


This will implement a simple guest book for visitors to sign and leave messages

Click on the guestbook icon and you will be presented with an interface to edit the look and feel of the guest book , links to manage the guest book and the html code required to implement the guestbook on your site.


This utility will create a real time java clock for your site jusc click on the icon, choose your options and then click make html then just insert the html into your page at the desired location.


You can create a countdown box to countdown to a specified date

Click on the countdown icon fill in the form and click on make html


cgiemail can make nicely formatted forms to output in email that has been submitted over the web.

Click on the cgi email icon and follow the instructions to set this up

Form Mail

Click on the icon and you will be presented with the url required to acess the formmail script along with a link to a help file which describes how to implement the script from your form

Entropy Search

Click on setup search engine, here you will be able to edit the look and feel of the search results template, then just copy the provided html to implement the site search on your page

Or click on Rebuild Search Index to index or reindex your site

Insert the html into your page and search away




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