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Email FAQ's


 1. What if someone sends mail to an address that doesn't exist: nonexistent@mydomain.com?

 2. How do I access my email?

 3. What is an email alias?

 4. What is the POP server name?

 5. Do I have a "catch-all" email account?

 6. How do I create an autoresponder?

 7. How do I forward email?

 8. Where do I find the Mail Manager?

 9. How do I change mailbox passwords?

 10. How do I add mail accounts?

 11. How do I setup Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express?

 12. How do I setup Eudora?

 13. Are there any restrictions to forwarding?

 14. How do I setup Netscape Communicator?

1.  What if someone sends mail to an address that  doesn't exist: nonexistent@mydomain.com? - Top

 Automatically, it is forwarded to your main "default" account. You can change the settings so that stray mail goes to a different account. Or, you can choose an option where  anything not properly addressed gets "bounced" back to the sender.

The preferred option is to have the default mail go to a separate mailbox. Doing this would prevent you from rejecting  an email that may have accidentally had your name mistyped.  

2.  How do I access my email? - Top

You'll need to get a "POP client" -- an email software program such as Eudora, Outlook, pine, elm, Netscape mail, etc., --  and set it up to access mail from your account.

Alternatively, you can setup up an email forward and forward your email to your existing email account. 

3.  What is an email alias? - Top

 An email alias is a name@yourdomain.com that does not have a corresponding POP3 box set up. For example, if you have a POP3 box called sales that is your default, but you have not  created any others, mail to anyone@yourdomain.com will be sent to the sales box. If someone were to email webmaster@yourdomain.com, in this example, that mail would be forwarded to the sales POP3 box.


4.  What is the POP server name? - Top


5.  Do I have a "catch-all" email account? - Top

 Yes, your default email account is setup as a "Catch All" account, meaning that any email coming to anything@yourdomain.com is delivered to your default  account. You never have to create email aliases going to the default account unless you change the settings for the default account.


6.  How do I create an autoresponder? - Top

How do I add an autoresponder in CPanel?

*This article assumes you are already logged into CPanel.*

You will see several icons on the main page of CPanel. At the top left there is an icon named Mail. Click on that.

Now, in the next screen you will see several choices. The 4th choice down is named Autoresponders. Click on that.

At the bottom of the next screen click on Add Autoresponder. This will take you to a new screen with several boxes.




Character Set:

HTML Message:


We'll start with the Email line. Type in the prefix for the email address you'll be using. To the right of that, click on the drop down box and choose the domain or subdomain it's for.

Now, in the From catagory type in who the email will be from. It can be a name, an email address or just about anything you want.

For the subject line type in the Subject of the email. This is what people will see when they view the email address before they open it.

In the character set line click the drop down menu and change it to what you want. *NOTE* Normally you will not need to change this line, so you may leave it un-changed at us-ascii.

If you want to insert any sort of HTML into the message then click the box next to HTML Message. This will allow for all HTML code inserted into the document to work properly.

Lastly, click in the large box next to Body. Type in all the text that you wish for people to read when the autoresponse is sent out.

At the bottom of the page click on Create. This will take you to a new screen that will say "Autoresponder successfully created." The autoresponder for your email account is now created and operational and all email sent to that address will automatically receive the designated response.

7.  How do I forward email? - Top

 You can forward email coming to any of your Pop3 accounts that you have created within your account to another account you have created or to an account outside of your  domain by simply clicking on the email management then on forwarders. here you enter the name of the pop account that you want to forward and the destination account that email is forwarded to. Below those areas you will see a list of the email accounts that you have forwarded to other accounts.

Once you've made your choices, just be sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the save button to save your changes. 

8.  Where do I find the Mail Manager?- Top

You can access your Mail Manager by going to your Control Panel:
http://www.yourdomain.com:2082/ then enter your username and password. Once the Control Panel is open, click on Mail Manager 

9.  How do I change mailbox passwords?- Top

1. From your Control Panel select the Mail Manager icon.
From the Mail Manager select the desired e-mail account listed under the heading Addresses on the left-hand side of the screen. The Mailbox Options page displays for the specified e-mail account.

2. Select the Change Password for e-mail account (yourname@yourdomain.com) link. The Change Password page displays.

3. Type the new password in the Input Password and Re-enter  Password fields. Be sure to type the password exactly the same way in both fields.

4. Select the Change button. A message displays indicating the password has been changed.

5. To return to the Mail Manager home, select the Home link. If you would like to return to the main Control Panel page, select the Control Panel link located in the upper left corner of the top frame.

NOTE: Changing a mailbox password does not affect your control panel password, or the other mailboxes.

10.  How do I add mail accounts?- Top

The first step in setting up your POP3 email accounts is to go into your control panel (your welcome letter gives you a link to  your control panel). Once in your control panel, click on the Mail Manager icon. There you will setup your email accounts.

To add an account just click "Add Account" and put in the  email account name (i.e. "sales" for sales@yourdomain.com), and put in a password for that email account. Then edit the settings for the new account. You can either
Click Here for a Flash Walkthrough
(1) have your email forwarded to another email account i.e. yourname@yahoo.com

(2) have your email sit on our servers and use your email  software to pull the email off our servers (see instructions below on how to access email that you can access on our servers) or

(3) have the email from one account be forwarded to another  account that you have under your domain.

If you are having your email forwarded to another email account that you have (i.e. yourname@yahoo.com) you just  access your other email as you usually do and your email from your POP3 account will show up. If you want to access your email directly from our servers, see the instructions for the  email program you are using (such as Netscape, Outlook or Eudora) 

11.  How do I setup Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express? - Top

Start Outlook or Outlook Express. Click Tools and choose Accounts. In the "Internet Accounts Windows" click Add and  choose Mail. Fill in your name and click Next. Click "I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use" and fill in your  email address. Click Next. On the "Email Servers Name" page, fill in the server information. "My incoming mail server is a POP3 server." The incoming mail server should be  mail.yourdomain.com. The Outgoing Mail (SMTP) should be your ISP's outgoing mail server. Click Next. Enter your mailbox username in the account name field, and the password below.  Click Next and then Finish.
Click here for a Flash Walk Through

Click here for Configure Flash Walk Through

Your Name: your full
Email Address: username@yourdomain.com (account
setup in Mail Manager in your Control Panel)
Incoming Mail
Outgoing Mail
Your dialup ISP's SMTP Server which is faster or mail.yourdomain.com
POP Account
username@yourdomain.com  (account setup in Mail Manager in your Control Panel)
Password: Your password (account setup in Mail
Manager in your Control Panel)

Notes: You
will need to obtain your dialup ISP's Outgoing mail (SMTP) server
address.  Typically this is in the form of
'mail.yourdialupisp.com' or 'smtp.yourdialupisp.com' or
Your dialup ISP will provide this
information to you.

12.  How do I setup Eudora? - Top

How do I set up Eudora to use my POP accounts?

(1) Select Tools...Personalities.
(2) Right click the left-hand side of the screen. Select 'New'.
(3) The 'New Account Wizard' will appear. Type in a name for this account and select 'Next>'.
(4) Select 'Create a brand new email account' and select 'Next>'.
(5) Type in your actual name (not your email address) and select 'Next>'.
(6) Type in the email address you wish for people to send email to (this can be an alias or a true POP box). Select 'Next>'.
(7) Type in the true user for this POP box (this is NOT an  alias). Select 'Next>'.
(8) Select 'POP' for type of incoming mail server. Then type in your mail.yourdomain.com in 'Incoming Mail Server' field. Select 'Next>'.
(9) Select 'Finish'.
(10) Right-click on the new personality created, and select 'Modify'.
(11) In the 'SMTP Server' field, type the name of your local ISP's (such as AOL, Earthlink, AT&T) mail server, or your own mail.yourdomain.com . Select 'OK',  and you are ready to go!


13.  Are there any restrictions to forwarding?- Top

 You can use mail manager to set up mailboxes, create aliases (box1 sends directly to box2), and even forward mail off our server to be received somewhere else (like box@aol.com).

But there is one important exception:

Using mail manager, you can set up the following:

box1 ---> box1
box1 ---> box1, box2 (both boxes get a copy)
box1 ---> box2

box1 ---> box@aol.com
box1 ---> box1, box@aol.com
box1 ---> box1, box2, box@aol.com


box1 --> box2, box@aol.com

because box2 will never get its mail **in this case only**
unless there is a real box1.
In addition, you can't do this:

box1 -->box2 ---> box3

You have to do this:

box1 --> box2, box3

14.  How do I setup Netscape Communicator?- Top

Setting up Mail Servers With Netscape Communicator:

1. After loading Netscape Composer, choose Edit -> Preferences
2. Click on Identity
3. Add your personal information.
4. Click on Mail Server.
5. You probably do not need to change the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server. The SMTP server should be the server of your  local access provider.If you wish to use your smtp server use mail.yourdomain.com
6. Virtual Domain Customers should enter mail.yourdomain.com for "incoming mail server".
7. Put your username in the Mail server user name box.
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