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FrontPage Disk-Based Web

The FrontPage extensions must be installed before you begin to publish  your web with Frontpage. FrontPage extensions are installed in the  control  panel.

You will be asked for a user name and password. The first  time you use FP, you will need to enter the ftp/control paneluser name  and password. Later, you can  change the FP password so that it is different  from the ftp/control panel password, if desired

Create your site or page

Before you can publish an html file to your web site with FrontPage,  you must either have a page already created, or create a page. To  create  a page with FrontPage, follow these simple steps:

1. With FrontPage open, choose File --> New.

2. Type in "This is a test"

3. From the menu bar, choose File --> Save As.

4. Name the html file.
(If this file is to be your homepage, be sure to name it index.html)

Once you have the file saved to your hard drive, you are ready  to publish the file

Publish to Server in FrontPage 98

1) After opening the disk based web you created on your pc, click on  FILE in the upper left hand corner of FrontPage explorer,  then click PUBLISH  FRONTPAGE WEB

2) Enter your domain name in the box titled "Publish  FrontPage Web". Use your IP address if your domain isnt working yet.

 NOTE: If your "Destination Web Server" doesn't appear in  the Publish window (it won't the first time you publish to our server)  CHOOSE "More Webs" and type the location of  the web to publish to. Hit  return. IMPORTANT: Use www.yourdomain.com as the Destination Web Server  to publish to our server. Leave the "Destination Web Name" BLANK.

 3) Enter the username and password you were assigned.

Publish to Server in FrontPage 2000

1. From the menu bar, choose File --> Publish Web .

fp20001.gif (4071 bytes)

You'll get a dialog box like this:

fp20002.gif (2939 bytes)

2. Click on the Options button

You will see a dialog box like this:

fp20003.gif (4427 bytes)

3. In box below Specify the location to publish your site to:  enter the full  URL for your site.

4. If this is the first time you are publishing your site, select  Publish all pages...

5. Select Include subwebs.

You should now have a dialog box that looks like this:

fp20004.gif (4546 bytes)

 Obviously, you will have put your real domain name instead of  'mydomain.com'

6. Click the Publish button.

You should now see a dialog box like this one:

fp20005.gif (2944 bytes)

7. Enter your username and password.

 If you have entered all the details correctly, FrontPage 2000  will then publish your site. You will see a dialog box like this one when  it has finished:

fp20006.gif (2163 bytes)

8. Click Done.

Further Microsoft FrontPage Support

If you need further assistance using FrontPage, go to http://builder.com/Authoring/FrontPage98/  and http://support.microsoft.com/directory/


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