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Restricting Access in FrontPage

Before following the directions below: Open the Front Page  Browser by selecting open from the tool bar and the selecting open  folder.  The folder would be named after the IP address or what ever address was  used to publish the pages to the web. This allows you to work with your  page will it is on the Server.  Then the security option under tools will  no longer be greyed out and you can then select it and proceed with the  the directions below:

If you want to restrict access to  directories, you have  to turn the subdirectories into SubWebs and use FrontPage's access restrictions:

1. Create the subweb by doing File --> New -->FrontPage  Web .

2. Select "Import an existing web".

3. Choose a title for your web. Since you can only restrict  access to a web that's on the server, be sure you change the path  so that  it is going to the Internet location. Click ok.

4. It will start the process to make the new web.

5. The Import Web Wizard will come up. Select "From a  World  Wide Web site". In the location box, put in the path to the specific directory,  for example, http://$domain.com/members . This will get only that directory,  and not the whole  web. Click next.

6. This is where you limit the amount of information you  will receive. Unless you know your pages are more extensive than these  defaults, just leave it at the  default and click next.

7. Click finish and wait a few minutes as the content copies  over.

At this point, you have all your information in a new web.  Now you can  set up the restrictions.

1. In the FrontPage Explorer, click on Tools --> [Security  --> ]Permissions...
2. Select "use unique permissions for this web". Click  apply at this time.
3. Click on the users tab.
4. Select "only registered users have browse access".
5. Add any users you need, and then click ok.

Getting error - "Root Web Busy"

FTP or telnet to your site and remove the "service.lck" file  in /www/_vti_pvt. This usually happens when an FP  session is interrupted  before completion.

Server timing out when publishing large sites.

This difficulty arises when the uploading link times out  in the process of copying the web to our server. The only suggestion  Microsoft  has offered so far is to break the main web into a group of sub webs on  your PC, then upload these individually. If this problem persists for you,  please contact support.

Getting Error - "Front Page Extensions not Installed"

We often see this error being reported even when the extensions  have been installed. If you get this error, please contact  support and  we'll make sure the extensions are installed and repair them if necessary.  NOTE: The extensions are easily corrupted. Please use only FP Explorer  to update your web site on  the server, not FTP.

The default page still shows up after I have uploaded my index page.

make sure your default page is named index.html

I published but my web's not there!

This will happen when the "Destination Web Name" is filled  in when publishing to our server.

This box  should be left blank. If you put any other name  in this box it will create a subdirectory off of your root web and copy  all of your files into it. Your site will exist under a subdirectory  instead  of at the top level /www where it should be.

My counter, bbs, guestbook, etc isn't working.

These problems are generally due to incorrect permissions  on either the directory, file(s) or cgi script(s) that are  associated with  them. Please don't change the permissions of your files or directories  unless you have a specific reason for doing so and you know what effect  it will have on your site.

My forms won't work through the Secure Server.

The call to a cgi script using the Secure Server must not  be within a webbot. Use a normal cgi call in your html script for  Secure  Server calls.

My search bot doesn't return any results.

The /www directory must be world readable AND you need to  recalculate links BEFORE publishing (or after editing directly on  the server).  If it still doesn't work: FTP to the server and go to the /www/_vti_txt/default.wti  directory.Delete any files that begin with "ALL.". Don't delete any other   files. Then using Windows Explorer, do the same thing on your PC. Recalculate  links, test locally with your browser and publish.

FP starts the Web Publishing Wizard when I try to publish.

Cancel the operation and email support to have the FP extensions  installed/repaired.

Why is my page renamed on the server when I publish?

The "Default Document" of your web is automatically renamed  by the server to what is required by the configuration  of the server. For  example, if you've named the main page "index.html", it may be renamed  "default.html". Just check the links to your main page to make sure they   refer to it the same way.

 Further Microsoft FrontPage Support

If you need further assistance using FrontPage, go to http://builder.com/Authoring/FrontPage98/

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