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The following instructions are for remotely administering your website  with FrontPage. If you choose to use the following method, you  will be  saving changes directly to your website NOT to your hard drive. This results  in real time changes to your site anytime you choose the save option in  the FrontPage editor instead  of having to republish them each time you  make a change.

The instructions below assume you have successfully published your website  from your hard drive at least once before.

 1) On the FILE menu, click on "Open FrontPage Web"

2) In the window called "Getting Started". Click  on "Open Existing FrontPage Web", and then click on  "More Webs..."

3) At "Select a Web server of disk location:" put in your  domain name You do not need to put in the "www" before it.

 4) Click on List Webs to show the FrontPage webs.

5) Select "<Root Web>" (or whichever web you are working  with if more than 1 is listed) and click the "OK"  button.

6) Next, you will be prompted to enter the username and  password required to publish to the website. Enter the proper information  and click the "OK" button.

Further Microsoft FrontPage Support

If you need further assistance using FrontPage, go to http://builder.com/Authoring/FrontPage98/


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