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FTP - Manager

Click on the ftp icon in your control panel : This will take you to ftp Manager and here you will be able to create and monitor your ftp accounts , so if you have a subfolder on your site your will be able to give secondary user access to this folder and associated subfolders while excluding the user from the rest of the site.The destination directory may be created first as long as it is under the www folder and it must br the same as the user name that you will use for your additional ftp account , if the directory does not exist then one will be created with the same name as the ftp account user name all you have to do is to follow the prompts in the control panel it's that easy.

FTP - Uploading files to server

Files are transfered to the server in a method called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You will have unlimited access via FTP 24 hours a day.

To put a file or website on our server, you will need a FTP program. The more popular FTP programs are CuteFTP, WS FTP, or for Mac users, Fetch.

Detailed instructions

General Info

Your Login/userid.................(case sensitive)
Your Host Address..... yourdomain.com or use your IP address
Your Password..........(case sensitive)

Once connected your will see this:

 public_html. ...............same as the WWW folder
 tmp............................This directory holds your access log files
 java............................Java servlet/jsp directory
 public_ftp....................Anonymous FTP area 
 mail............................Mail area for your domain (no need to touch this!)
 www...........................This is where your html files go

Any other files/folders you see should not be touched. DO NOT DELETE ANY DIRECTORIES OR FILES IN YOUR ACCOUNT.

To get in the WWW directory, you will need to double click on the www. All of your files and subdirectories go into your www directory with the exception of java files which go into the java directory. Files located in the "www" directory are visible to the internet, so files pertaining to your web site should be uploaded here. For example, when the browser asks for http://yourdomain.com/page.html Apache will find /home/username/www/page.html

Or when your browser asks for http://yourdomain.com/java/page.html or http://yourdomain.com/java/page.jsp apache will hand off the request to apache Tomcat which is the Java server on this machine and it will follow the path /home/username/java/page.*

To make your homepage load automatically, it should be named index.html in lowercase, this way when a user types the url yourdomain.com, they are shown the home page. Be sure to upload HTML documents and scripts in ASCII mode and images in binary mode.

To upload a file, highlight/select the file(s) on the left and drag to the right side. To transfer a file to a subdirectory, double click the subdirectory to open it before transferring the file.

As soon as a file is uploaded to the web server, it is available for all to see. If, after uploading a file, you are still unable to see the updated file via Netscape, try hitting the "Refresh" or "Reload" button. If that fails, you can try holding down the shift key while you click refresh or reload.

NOTE to FrontPage Users:

If you are using FrontPage, you should NEVER use regular FTP to upload your files. This will damage the extensions. Stick with one or the other all the time.

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