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FTP - Fetch (For MAC Users)

Each  time you run Fetch, the New Connection window will be displayed. A profile  contains the information needed to connect to your  web site. Creating a  profile now will eliminate the need for you to configure the software each  time you wish to connect to the web server via FTP. To create a new profile,  select  "New Connection..." from the File menu. Next, enter the Host (yourdomain.com),  User ID (username), and password for your web site as illustrated below.

Don't worry about the  Directory option right now. When you  have your Host, User ID, and Password entered, click on the OK button.

Bookmarking the Connection

You should take the time, now that you have established  your connection, to make it easier for you to get here next time. Under  the  Customize menu, select New Shortcut. A window will pop up called Bookmark  Editor, as below. It will already have your name, Host, and User ID filled  in. Under Type, choose File from the  pop-up menu. If you would like Fetch  to remember your password so you won't have to type it in each time, type  in your password in the Password field. Now, under the same Customize  menu,  choose Preferences, and under the General tab, make sure the connection  you just entered is selected as the default shortcut. Next time you open  up Fetch, your shortcut will be  opened automatically and all you'll have  to do is click the OK button!

How to Transfer Files

Refer again to the sample window above. You need  to double-click on www to get to your web directory. This is where all   your files will be downloaded, and/or you will create sub-directories.  The only system directory that you may need to use is cgi-bin; this directory  is reserved for custom scripts. To make  your home page load automatically,  name the HTML document "index.htm" in lowercase and upload it to the www  directory of your account. To upload a file or files, simply drag  them  from your hard drive onto the Fetch window when you are in the appropriate  directory or subdirectory. Be sure to upload HTML documents and scripts  in Text mode and images in BINARY  mode. Or to make life easier, click  on the Automatic button as shown in the sample window above, and Fetch  will decide the proper format. To transfer a file to a subdirectory,  double-click  the appropriate subdirectory to open it before transferring the desired  file(s).

As soon as a file is uploaded to the web server, it is available for  all to see. If,  after uploading a file, you are still unable to see the  updated file via your browser, you need to hit the Reload button. Remember  that you must first be connected to the Internet through  your local Internet  service provider in order to connect to the web server.

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