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Sending and Receiving Mail

Sending and receiving mail is not executed in the Control Panel.  The mail manager tools and utilities  available in the Control Panel are merely ways of setting up mail accounts  and lists on the server on which your account resides.  To send or receive  mail, use your normal mail client configured to retrieve mail from, and  send mail through, your domain mail account.

Two popular e-mail programs are Eudora and Microsoft Outlook or Outlook  Express.  The procedures that follow briefly describe how to configure  these programs to work with your e-mail  account.  Once configured, you  will be able to use these programs to send and receive mail.

Software Setup:



In the mail programs being discussed, there are many different configuration  options and settings you can change in order to customize  the mail client  for personal use.  These additional features are not covered in the procedures  below.  For more information on these features, consult your mail program's   documentation or help menus.


If your email program is not listed here...

It should be fairly simple to setup your email account regardless  of which program you are using. Just make sure you have all  this information  correct:

Mail host: yourdomain.com or mail.yourdomain.com
Username: your username                                                                                                           *Note Email username on these servers is mailaccountname@yourdomain.com

Password: Your password
POP Server: yourdomain.com
SMTP server: Your ISP's SMTP server
Your Email: yourusername@yourdomain.com


SMTP Server Note:

If you can't use your isp's smtp server, you will be able  to use yourdomain.com, provided you read about the restrictions on  using  the smtp server.

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