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Mailing List

The Mailing List option, allows you to create  and manage your own mailing lists, which is an efficient way of communicating  with many people at one time.

 You create and manage your mailing lists using the Mail Manager option. .

Creating a Mailing List

2. Select the Add List link.  The Create a New Mailing List screen displays.with an input form like the one below

Add List Account

List Name



3. In the List Name Field, type the name of your mailing list  then in the passwsord field enter the admin password then click on the Create button.  A new screen displays, indicating  the list is created. Click on Go Back to return to list management the click on the edit icon and the list administration window will open. Enter the admin password that you created when you created. Then follow the list instructions for subscribing to and unsubscribing to and from the mailing list.

1. From Mail Manager, under the Mailing List section, the name of your  newly created list  appears.  Select the list by single-clicking on it.   The Edit Mailing List page for the selected list displays.

2. There are several different options for editing the mailing list.   Each will be covered  separately in the following procedures.  The remainder  of this procedure will discuss the screen displayed above.

How To Manage a Mailing List—Mailing List Manager:

1. From the Edit Mailing List page, select the Membership Management link.  The page displays a options for subscribing recipients to the list, and the name of the mailing  list you are editing appears near the top of the screen.


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