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Using PGP Freeware

You will first need to download and install PGP Freeware from http://web.mit.edu/network/pgp.html

Once you are done installing, you will be prompted to  generate a key,  as shown in the following image:


After clicking next, enter your full name and email  address you are going to use with PGP.


You can leave the default setting Diffie-Hellman/DSS  and click next.


The default setting is 2048 bits, this is fine,  you can leave it and click next.


This should be set to key pair never expires. Click  next.


On the following screen you will need to create  a passphrase. This should be a series of  at least 8 characters, including  numbers. something like 174absj7jh9ks43. Make sure you enter the same thing  in the confirmation area. You will need to remember this  passphrase later.  Click Next.


Once the screen shows complete, click next.


Since you are just generating a key to use with  PGPmail, it is not necessary to send the key to the root server.


You should now see the congratulations screen. Click  finish.


The PGPkeys window should now be open. Click once  on your key to select it.


Then select copy from the edit menu.

Your key is now ready to be pasted into your control panel, by right  clicking and selecting paste.

You should now see your public key in the text area. Click add.

After clicking the add button, the next screen will provide you with  the option to

 "To test sending a PGPmail, please click here!" and then go  ahead and click test.

Now, going to your email software, open up the test email you just sent  yourself.

 NOTE: These instructions are for Microsoft Outlook 2000, if your email  program doesn't function similarly, please follow the documentation (The  PGP users guide) that came with PGP.

 Click on PGP, then Decrypt/Verify as shown below.

 Enter the passphrase that you used earlier during the key generation  process.


As soon as you click OK, you will be able to read the email unencrypted.

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