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SMTP / Outgoing Mail Server

If you would like to use yourdomain.com for your SMTP/Outgoing mail server,  you will need to be aware of the following restrictions.

We  use a method of authentication called "pop auth" to verify  that you should be allowed to use the smtp server. This prevents spammers  from sending spam from your smtp server.

To  use yourdomain.com as the smtp server please follow these steps:

In Outlook, you will need to check the box that says "My Server  Requires Authentication"

If your email client doesn't  have this feature, it will be necessary  for you to have logged into your pop account within the previous 15 minutes  to be able to send mail from your smtp server. This is commonly  called  "POP before SMTP". If you receive an error message when sending  mail, try it a second time - you must check for mail first. After checking  for mail, you will only be  able to send for the following 15 minutes.


If you are able to use your dial up isp's smtp server, we recommend you  do so as it will usually send mail faster for you. The server is  usually  called mail.isp.com or smtp.isp.com. AOL does NOT provide a smtp server.

General Overview

1) A user connects to their server to download their email. For this  illustration, we will use user 'joe' on server 'myclient.com' with  password  'joespassword'. The username/password/server information listed here is  totally fictitious and used only for illustration purposes.

2) Using his username and password configured in  his email software,  'joe' is authenticated by the POP server. 'joe' does not need to have email  to be downloaded.

3) As soon as 'joe' is authenticated, his remote IP from which he is   connecting is noted by the POP server.

4) joe's remote IP is now logged with the current time to a POPAUTH database.  For the next 15 minutes, 'joe' is able to send email through the server   freely.

5) At the end of 15 minutes, joe's IP is removed from the POPAUTH database.  'joe' is no longer authenticated to send email through the server. 'joe'  must now check his email for  download in order to re-authenticate himself  with the email server in order to send email again. If 'joe' does not authenticate  himself before sending he will receive a 'Relaying Denied'  error message

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